Active CBD oil Shatter plus Terpenes




We only use REAL hemp terpenes extracted in a state of the art hemp facility in Colorado.  Other companies are using terpenes that are derived from different fruits, etc. and not even hemp.  The difference is substantial and the reason they do this is because its roughly 1000 times more expensive to source real hemp terpenes than faking it and using other terpenes from oranges, etc.  Because we use real hemp terpenes, the entourage effect can be experienced where you have other cannabinoids and terpenes present from the original plant.  Using real hemp terpenes means the most benefits can be realized and the CBD can be used to its full potential!

Companies that carry different flavored CBD shatter are NOT using hemp terpenes, and are just adding an artificial "flavoring" with no real benefit - which can even cause problems such as tooth decay or tooth sensitivity after dabbing.  We use REAL TERPS!

NEW: Every batch of Active CBD oil products are now individually tested. Check out all the batches on our Active CBD oil Test Result Page


95% - 97% Pure CBD crystals

3% - 5% REAL Hemp terps!

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